About Us

Aeon Laser USA's management team of eight people, smiling and standing side by side in casual business attire.
Aeon Laser USA Team

Our mission is to inspire, empower and transform your way of life through our technology and our commitment to your success.

We’re not just selling lasers. At Aeon Laser USA, we go the extra mile with everything that we do. Striving for perfection is in our nature.

For most people, a laser becomes the epicenter of their business. Therefore, it’s up to us to deliver a sturdy foundation for you to grow on. Around here, we’re not successful until you’re successful.

Who is AEON Laser USA?

Danny and Lek standing side by side smiling, with their arms folded

Danny & Lek

President & VP Engraving Machines Plus, Corp. dba Aeon Laser USA

group of employees gathered in front of a loading dock filled with machines from the 100th shipment, with balloons overhead celebrating the milestone.

40+ Employees


a group of Aeon partners standing together, super excited

Real Community

10k+ Facebook Group, 90+ Partners, Growing Together!

map of United States

Exclusive Dealer

Servicing all 50 states and the Caribbean

overhead view of the new Aeon Laser USA facility in Melbourne, Florida

New 22,500 sq/ft Facility

Bringing some manufacturing and assembly to Melbourne, FL USA

a Nova laser

9 CO2 Laser Models

With exclusive features made in the USA

Our Company

Aeon Laser USA and EMP logos on building

Our Brands

Aeon Laser USA is affiliated with Engraving Machines Plus, Corp (EMP), established in 2008 in Melbourne, Florida. With over years of experience, we know CO2 lasers inside and out. From troubleshooting to innovation, we strive to bring you superior products and intelligent solutions that make working with your laser a joy. We believe that Aeon lasers are among the best machines we have worked with and can't wait to show you why!

group of employees gathered in front of a loading dock filled with machines from the 100th shipment, with balloons overhead celebrating the milestone.

Our Values

Aeon Laser USA is committed to creating jobs in the USA that pay a living wage and promote a happy and healthy work environment. We also strive to create lasting relationships with our customers by offering unmatched support, strong community, continuing education, and opportunities to thrive.

Aeon partners enjoying the holiday party

Our Commitment to You

New to CO2 lasers? Or looking to upgrade your existing CO2 laser cutter? Whatever your goals, we've helped thousands of people find the right machine to fit their needs. We listen to our customers and provide them with the means to succeed. Learn more about the exclusive benefits we offer our Aeon Family or contact us to get started on your laser journey.

Our Story

  • Engraving Machines Plus, Corp (EMP) is founded by Danny and Steven in a duplex with 2 laptops and $400 startup money. Products: rotary engravers. Employees: 2  photo of a duplex with two garages, long driveways, green lawn and palm trees, on a sunny day
  • EMP becomes the top Roland dealer for engraving machines in the USA by offering free training and support. rotary engraver, engraving a design on a zippo lighter
  • $1M in revenue, EMP upgrades to beach front condo. Employees: 3 a white fluffy dog, lounging on a balcony overlooking the ocean
  • Danny refinances his vehicles and makes first inventory investment in a 100 sq/ft storage unit. three boxes in a 100 sq/ft storage unit
  • EMP expands product line to include CO2 lasers. A spare bedroom in Danny's condo becomes the laser room. a CO2 laser in a room with white walls, white tile and vertical blinds
  • EMP signs lease for 3,000 sq/ft warehouse and orders first 20ft GP container of Bodor lasers from China. warehouse full of crates containing Bodor lasers
  • EMP launches R&D department in Danny’s kitchen with European YouTube sensation Russ Sadler. a selfie of Danny with Russ in the background on a computer, sitting at the kitchen counter
  • EMP partners with March of Dimes in an ongoing effort to improve the health of mothers and babies. Danny shaking hands with a man wearing a suit, standing next to an Aeon laser
  • Aeon Laser USA opens 1200 sq/ft showroom in Melbourne, FL. photo of the Aeon Laser USA showroom
  • EMP solidifies exclusivity with Aeon China at the ISA Show in Las Vegas. Aeon Laser USA is born! group of 13 people smiling
  • EMP develops revolutionary technology that will change the future of lasers as we know it. Danny, Lek and Jesse toasting beers and smiling, next to their prototype for a new invention
  • EMP receives the first 40ft HQ container of Aeon Lasers before the start of the pandemic. Danny sitting on a stack of crates in the back of a truck
  • Aeon Laser USA develops handmade wiring harnesses to increase safety and ease of end user repair. Aeon Laser USA technicians installing new wiring harnesses on lasers in the warehouse
  • Aeon Laser USA begins the production of PPE to raise money for first responders. Aeon employee holding PPE shield
  • EMP begins construction on a 22,500 sq/ft. facility with the aim to bring affordable laser manufacturing to the US. two people standing staring out into a large empty building
  • That Mom With a Laser visits Aeon Laser USA and we go viral! a woman taking a selfie at the Aeon Laser USA warehouse, workers waving with machines in the background
  • Aeon Laser USA launches partnership program. graphic of a person with a laser, a laptop, phone, dollar sign and megaphone
  • Aeon Laser USA celebrates $10M in revenue by hosting a Holiday Weekend for it’s Partners and Staff. Employees: 35+ three people in evening wear sitting in front of a fire and smiling
  • EMP partners with HSG to distribute industrial grade lasers in the US. a yellow forklift pulling a giant 40 ft long container out of a truck
  • EMP receives the first of many pieces of metal fabrication equipment to begin US manufacturing in 2024. a red forklift carrying a bunch of materials
  • EMP facility opens in Melbourne, Florida, in order to build our own components and bring much of our manufacturing and assembly here to the US! birds eye view of the new Aeon Laser USA and EMP facility in Melbourne, Florida
  • EMP launched its own line of Galvo Fiber Lasers. EMP Galvo Fiber Laser
  • Aeon Laser introduces the REDLINE Series, revolutioning the CO2 laser with several new groundbreaking features. Aeon Redline NOVA S

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