video of six tumblers being unloaded from the Multi Roller


  • Quickly load up to six 20oz or 30oz tumblers all at the same time!
  • The easiest rotary to setup in the market. NO clamps, NO adjustment knobs, NO leveling, NO blade removal, just plug and play.
  • Fits all Aeon laser models

$1200 + tax & shipping

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Say goodbye to hovering and hello to increased productivity!

If you've ever had to engrave a case of tumblers, you know just how time consuming and tiresome it can be.

It's not because they take long. Afterall, Aeon offers the fastest tumbler cycle times of any laser in its class. It's simply due to having to load each tumbler in the machine one at a time and not having enough time between engraves to do much else.

With the Multi-Roller, the days of hovering over your laser, engraving tumblers one-by-one, are finally over!

Aeon laser with six tumblers sitting in the Multi Roller

Made for Tumblers

The Multi-Roller is specifically designed for 20oz and 30oz tumblers. Switching between the two is a breeze and ensures each cup is in the perfect location at the perfect angle. Best of all, it was designed to fit in all of our Aeon laser models, without having to do much prep work other than lowering your table and plugging it in.

Lightburn template for the Multi Roller

Pre-made LightBurn Templates

The Multi-Roller comes with premade Lightburn templates so there's no measuring or framing involved. Simply load the file, import your images, and center them in their predesignated areas. Each design can be the same or completely different.

CAD sketch of multi roller

Designed by our R&D Team

The Multi-Roller was developed and tested entirely by the US-based R&D Team at Aeon Laser USA. Every part sourced is of the highest quality and designed to last.

photo of HQ building

Made in the USA

Every Multi-Roller is produced and assembled by hand, right here in the USA and is backed by the full 2 year Aeon Laser USA warranty.

Customers share their thoughts about the Multi-Roller

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The Multi-Roller will work only in US Aeon Mira and Nova laser models.

It depends on the extent of the artwork, the sample below of six 20oz tumblers with a 1.15" x 4" Aeon Laser USA logo engraved on it, took 11 minutes on the MIRA.

six tumblers sitting with the Multi Roller inside an Aeon laser

No, the Muli-Roller was designed to only work with Aeon Lasers.

The Multi-Roller uses silicone rollers and ultra low drag bearings to ensure more contact area across the entire cup instead of just the rim.

No, the Multi-Roller was designed primarily for 20oz and 30oz tumblers.

No, the Multi-Roller must be configured for one size or the other. It's easy to switch between the two sizes, you just can't do both at the same time.

We ran successful tests with YETI, RTIC and Polar. It's very likely other brands will work as well, but we recommend sending in a sample for testing if you want to be sure.

It can spin the cups a full 360 degrees.

Yes, all 6 cups can have unique designs or they can all be identical, the choice is yours.

No, you must purchase a laser from Aeon Laser USA first.

Multi-Rollers purchased with new laser orders will ship along with your laser. Existing Aeon Laser owners will receive theirs via UPS Ground.

No, currently the Multi-Roller is only being released in the United States.

The multi-roller was specifically designed for mass production of 20oz and 32oz tumblers. We use spacers instead of rim clips to create a snug fit, which keep the cups from walking and makes loading and unloading easier. The silicone rollers create more contact area with the cups than foot wheels, which prevents them from ever slipping, and the height at which the rear of the cup sits is preset for these specific application. It's important to understand that Aeon designed this to improve productivity on these specific items and not as a replacement for an adjustable rotary.

The Multi-Roller comes with a standard 2 year warranty.