The Aeon Family

When you purchase an Aeon Laser, you instantly become part of our extended family.

photo of Will sporting pink and blue nail polish, making a kissy face, while wearing a shirt that says husband, daddy, chef, super hero

The people and relationships I’ve developed in the community have changed my life the most.


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Aeon Family share tips & projects

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Learn how members of our amazing laser community got started with their lasers and found success

photo of Sumita & Anuj Patel standing side by side, smiling, in an outdoor public setting

Home Bound Custom Decor

The Patels share how they went from zero experience with lasers and websites to a six-figure income, 32K+ Instagram followers, and a booming business on Shopify!

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Jena Stearns standing in front of an outdoor booth full of her custom products. There is a red awning over the booth, a plaid tablecloth covering the table, and lots of fall colors.

Beyond Laser Creations

Jena Stearns shares how she went from being a full-time employee for over 16+ years at an insurance agency to owning her own business making custom gifts and promotional items!

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Emily sitting on an swivel chair smiling next to her Mira 7 laser, a desk with a camera and boom mic. On the wall behind her is a sign that reads, Impossible? Dreams come true everyday.

That Mom with a Laser

Learn how Emily went from being a stay-at-home mom with limited resources to unlocking her creativity with her MIRA 7 and becoming a leading educator in the laser engraving industry!

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New to Aeon Laser USA?

Join our private Aeon Laser Operator Facebook Group to get help, share tips, find inspiration, show off your projects, and meet new people excited about their lasers!

Facebook Group

With thousands of members, our online community has become a knowledge exchange, where successful business owners and laser enthusiasts can openly share their projects, ideas and experiences. Whether it’s figuring out which markets to pursue or how to handle a late night distress call, you’ll never have to go it alone.

What do we mean by community?

Synergy is at the core of how we like to do things at Aeon Laser USA. Helping one another reach our utmost potential is echoed throughout our entire organization, community, and partners, working collectively towards each other's success.

Building relationships for the long term.

Buying a laser is not a one time transaction. The company you choose to purchase from becomes intertwined with you and your business. This relationship is for the long-term, so it’s important that their company culture aligns with yours.

photo EJ standing over a laser while video chatting with a customer on his mobile phone

There are so many perks to working for Aeon, like learning new technology and working with the most capable people in the industry. But the most rewarding part by far is being able to help customers grow their business and confidence with these machines.

EJ Rao
Aeon Laser USA
Melbourne, Florida

Working together and uplifting each other.

Hive mind is a fundamental part of how we do things at Aeon Laser USA and it echoes throughout our entire staff and loving community. Whether you need technical support or a confidence boost, you’ll find yourself surrounded by like-minded individuals working collectively towards each others success.

photo of Denisse standing next to her Mira 7, smiling

I just want to say THANK YOU! Thank you to this community, for the people who help and advise newbies like me without questioning, thank you to Emily for all of your help and to the team at Aeon Laser USA, you guys are the best of the best and I am thankful for you!

Denisse Garza
D+D Creations
Huntley, Illinois

Celebrating success and work-life balance.

But it’s not just about work around here. We also love to host all of our favorite Partners to celebrate a job well done. With so many entrepreneurs in our circle, work-life balance is something that’s easy to lose sight of. If you’re not giving yourself permission to unwind, we’ll step in and do it for you.

photo of Stan standing next to three other people at the Aeon Laser USA holiday party, smiling

Aeon Laser ROCKS! To all who organized the party, the music, the venue, the food, the palpable drops of happiness hanging in the atmosphere - you beyond crushed it. This was a night that nobody wanted to end. THANK YOU!

Stan Altshuller
South River, New Jersey

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