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Follow your AEON laser shipment from assembly to delivery

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Follow your laser's journey accross the ocean.

Tips: 1. Click on the neon green ship or circle icons to see the ship name and get more info. 2. Use the Zoom and Map Type tools on the right to adjust visibility. Note: If you don't see the map, please allow Cookies on this page.

The Laser Journey

Where is my laser?

Your laser will go through the following stages from assembly to delivery:

  1. Queued - Order received and sent to the factory.
  2. Allocating Parts - Machines that are in production queue to begin assembly.
  3. Assembly in Progress - Machines that are currently being assembled in Aeon China right now.
  4. Loading Soon - Machines leaving the Aeon China factory on their way to the loading dock.
  5. Ship Name - Machines that are on a cargo ship, crossing the ocean.
  6. Warehouse - Machines that are at the Aeon Laser USA facility in Melbourne, Florida.
  7. Shipping Now - Machines en route to your home or business!

When will my laser arrive?

Currently we are estimating 4 to 6 months for delivery of your laser. Estimated Shipping month reflects when you can expect your laser to be in route to your business or home. ETAs may change, as we adjust to our increased production and efficient processing.

How can I track my laser once it sets sail?

Ship names will be updated as they become available. Once they set sail, your shipment can be tracked on our Live Map or on

What if I have other questions?

If you have any questions regarding your shipment, please reach out to your sales representative.

Your continued patience is appreciated.

Your Shipment Number and ETA

Locate your shipment number below to see what stage your laser is in.
Updated June 5 2024

AEON Lasers

SHIPMENT 100 - June Shipping Now


SHIPMENT R1 - Assembly in Progress
SHIPMENT R2 - Allocating Parts
SHIPMENT R3 - Allocating Parts
SHIPMENT R4 - Allocating Parts
SHIPMENT R5 - Allocating Parts

EMP Fiber Lasers

FIBER 8 - June Shipping Now