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Partners Wanted! 👯

Earn store credit or cash reward for every successful referral.

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women in her craft room, posing enthusiastically by her Aeon CO2 laser. her t-shirt reads, laser on, girl!
Photo credit: @MAEDesignsNC (Instagram)

Partnership Program

Do you have a social media following or just a knack for being in front of the camera? 🤩

We're looking for someone who can be an educator, a resource, an inspiration, and maybe even an entertainer. Above all, someone who knows how to have fun 🤪 and isn't afraid to share. It doesn't take much to get going! All you need is a laser, a camera and the courage to be yourself! 👽

If this sounds like you, apply today to learn more about our Partnership Program.

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family of eight, with big smiles and extended arms, posing around a giant crate containing an Aeon CO2 laser inside.
Photo credit: @signparties101 (Instagram)

Customer Loyalty Program

Already own an Aeon Laser and want to make some extra cash? 🤑

If you have a friend or family member who's in the market for a laser, sign up for our Customer Loyalty Program. We'll gladly show our appreciation by awarding you with a cash payout, or some AEON Bucks to put towards accessories or even your next laser! 🚀

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