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Partners Wanted! 👯

Earn store credit or cash reward for every successful referral.

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women in her craft room, posing enthusiastically by her Aeon CO2 laser. her t-shirt reads, laser on, girl!
Photo credit: @MAEDesignsNC (Instagram)

Partnership Program

Do you have a social media following or just a knack for being in front of the camera? 🤩

We're looking for someone who can be an educator, a resource, an inspiration, and maybe even an entertainer. Above all, someone who knows how to have fun 🤪 and isn't afraid to share. It doesn't take much to get going! All you need is a laser, a camera and the courage to be yourself! 👽

If this sounds like you, apply today to learn more about our Partnership Program.

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Partner Benefits

Our success is intertwined. When we align with one another and focus our energies in the same direction, we become a beacon for success to others.

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Partnership Program

Our loyal customers receive 5% off all future laser purchases and up to 10% commission from any referrals that come our way through our partner program.

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Partners Community

We are proud to offer skills training and community support on how to create effective content that converts to significant passive income. In addition, partners can look forward to exclusive holiday events, mastermind sessions and rewards!

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Partner Rewards

We want our partners to feel appreciated for their hard work. Partners are eligible to receive bonuses for achieving milestones. Earn swag boxes, a feature on our website, free lasers, all expense paid trips, and more!

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Photo credit: @signparties101 (Instagram)

Customer Loyalty Program

Already own an Aeon Laser and want to make some extra cash? 🤑

If you have a friend or family member who's in the market for a laser, sign up for our Customer Loyalty Program. We'll gladly show our appreciation by awarding you with a cash payout, or some AEON Bucks to put towards accessories or even your next laser! 🚀

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