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Aeon Mira5 S Redline CO2 Desktop Laser Cutting Machine front view
Aeon Mira5 S Redline CO2 Desktop Laser Cutting Machine birds eye view
Aeon Mira5 S Redline CO2 Desktop Laser Cutting Machine three-quarter view
Aeon Mira5 S Redline CO2 Desktop Laser Cutting Machine three-quarter view
Aeon Mira5 S Redline CO2 Desktop Laser Cutting Machine back view
Aeon Mira5 S Redline CO2 Desktop Laser Cutting Machine front view
Aeon Mira5 S Redline CO2 Desktop Laser Cutting Machine birds eye view
Aeon Mira5 S Redline CO2 Desktop Laser Cutting Machine three-quarter view
Aeon Mira5 S Redline CO2 Desktop Laser Cutting Machine three-quarter view
Aeon Mira5 S Redline CO2 Desktop Laser Cutting Machine back view

MIRA S REDLINE Series CO2 Desktop Laser Cutting Machine MIRA5 S

  • Class 1 Laser
  • Super Clean Pack Design
  • High Speed DC Steppers | AC Servos (RF Metal)
  • Built-in Water Cooling System, Exhaust Fan and Air Assist Pump
  • Max Acceleration 5G (DC) / 8G (RF)
  • Max Speed 1200mm/s (DC Glass) | 3500mm/s (RF Metal)
  • Material Pass Through Door
  • Z-depth up to 5-1/2" (140mm)
  • Starting at $6995

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Full AC Servo Motors

Up to 8G Acceleration

Full AC Servo Motors make acceleration nearly instant at 8G of force with top speeds of 4,200 mm/sec on all RF models.

Linear guide rails

Excellent Precision

Linear guide rails with ball bearings offer greater precision and smoother motion, which improves print quality and longevity.

Lightweight Laser Head

Lightweight Laser Head

A lightweight laser head contributes to less over-scanning and an overall reduction in vibration.

Robust Unibody

Robust Unibody

Most lasers employ a unibody structure where the components are bolted to a thin outer shell. However, if you have the need for speed, it's of utmost importance to make the frame as rigid as possible to stop the machine from flexing. The Redline series frame is so robust, you can even remove the entire side panel for greater accessibility when troubleshooting.


All-In-One Design

The MIRA series now joins the NOVAs with its Super Clean Pack design. Not only are the linear rails and bearing blocks enclosed, but protective curtains on the left and right side rails now prevent unwanted particles from spreading beyond your work area. Centrifugal fans have been replaced by quieter and easier to clean inline fans.

Modular Tube Docking Station

Modular Tube Docking Station

Quickly swap between higher or lower wattage tubes as needed with the Modular Tube Docking Station. This toolless design allows you to switch between various wavelengths on all models, such as 1064nm Fiber lasers. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities by vastly increasing the range of materials one can process while delivering results of the utmost quality.

High-Resolution Camera

High-Resolution Camera

All Aeon lasers are now equipped with built-in high-resolution cameras for precise positioning and monitoring.

Integrated Autofocus

Integrated Autofocus

Say goodbye to collisions and gouged material. The Aeon Redline Series has a newly designed laser head with integrated autofocus.

Material Pass Through

Material Pass Through

For the Redline Series, the design team was finally able to include a passthrough in all MIRA models!

Brighter Work Area

Brighter Work Area

The already well-lit work area just got brighter with the addition of 2 more LED lights on the underside of the MIRA lid, just behind the handle. When the lid is opened, the 2 interior LEDs turn off and the overhead lights turn on to illuminate your work area, while loading material and using the camera. There is even a dimmer knob on the side of the machine for setting the mood just right.

Status Light

Status Light

Aeon is renowned for its stylish and sleek appearance. The Aeon Laser logo on the front access door panel is now backlit and doubles as a functional Status Light, illuminating white when in standby, red when an error is encountered, and green while in operation, adding both form and function to an already stunning design.

Intuitive LCD Displays

Intuitive LCD Display

The most recent revision to the NOVA Keypad now makes its way to the MIRA Redline Series, which brings commonly used functions right to the surface, for reduced setup times and overall ease of use. You can even monitor water temperature, amperage (mA), air pressure (psi), and the temperature of your optics right from the vibrant 5" LCD display, for the ultimate user experience.

Toolless Tube Replacement

Toolless Maintenance: Tube Replacements

Say goodbye to painstaking tube replacements. This innovative approach allows for swapping of tubes in and out of your Aeon laser, without having to renegotiate the beam path. This means it is now feasible to keep a spare tube on the shelf or quickly swap between higher or lower wattage tubes as needed.

Toolless Maintenance Mirrors

Toolless Maintenance: Mirrors

All mirrors are now easily accessible and can be cleaned or replaced without the use of any tools or having to recalibrate.

Toolless Maintenance: Lens Cartridges

Toolless Maintenance: Lens Cartridges

The lens cartridges on all Redline models are now magnetic and the focal lens itself is press fit with a silicone washer, for easy access.

Smart Monitoring

Proactive Smart Monitoring

All optics are now fitted with thermal sensors to record and report temperature readings to the keypad, thus eliminating the likelihood of unexpected failures. This proactive approach not only saves you from costly mistakes and downtime, it also reduces the need for frequent unwarranted cleaning. To top it off, the controller now records these readings along with ambient temperature, laser tube runtime and machine parameters, to serve as a diagnostic log in the event troubleshooting is needed.

Safe-Guarded Optics

Safe-Guarded Optics

To further reduce the need for maintenance, all optics are now fully removed from the work area, taking the Clean Pack Design to its highest potential.

Safe-Guarded Laser Head

Safe-Guarded Laser Head

With the laser head sealed to where no dust or debris can enter, all that remains are a series of cost effective windows, which are far easier to maintain and replace if needed.

Leveling Gauge

Bullseye Leveling Gauge

Ensuring your laser is level can now be done at a glance. Both MIRAs and NOVAs are fitted with Bullseye Leveling Gauges.

Model MIRA 5 S
Machine Size
Working Area 11 3/4″ x 19 3/4″ (300*500mm)
Z-Axis Max Bed Travel 5-1/2” (140mm)
Machine Dimensions 36 13/8″ x 271/2″ x 16 3/8
Machine Weight 220 lbs. (100kg)
Laser Source
DC Glass Tube 45w Premium CO2 Glass Tube
RF Metal Tube 30W/60W
RF Ceramic Tube
CO2 Glass Cooling Method Water
RF Metal Cooling Method Air
Motors High Speed DC Steppers
AC Servos (RF Metal)
Guide Rails Hiwin Linear Rails
Max Acceleration 5G (DC)/8G (RF)
Max Speed 1200mm/s (DC Glass)
3500mm/s (RF Metal)
Minimum Font Size 1.0 x 1.0mm
Positioning Accuracy <=0.01mm
Max Scanning Precision 1000 DPI
Max Lifting Capacity 44lbs (20kg)
Water Chiller Built-in S&A 3000 Fan Cooled Chiller (not included with RF Metal models)
Fume Exhaust Fan Built-in 75W, 4" Dia. Axial Inline Fan
Air Assist Built-in 85w Air Pump
Clean Pack Design X and Y Axis
Autofocus Integrated
Wifi Data Transfer
Red Dot Positioning
Material Pass Through Door
Bullseye Leveling Guage
Dimmable Overhead Lighting
Smart Air Solenoid Valve
Modular Laser Tube Docking
Lid Material Polycarbonate
Blade Table
Honeycomb Table
Material Collection Tray
Control & Software
Control Panel 5" Keypad & LCD display
Memory Capacity 1GB
Lightburn Software
Compatible Software CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD, InkScape, or any software that can export into the supported file formats
Operating System Windows & Mac OSX
Toolless Mirror Change
Magnetic Lens Cartridge
Isolated Optics
1.5" Lens Optional
2" Lens Standard
2.5" Lens Optional
4" Lens Standard
Mirror Sizes φ25mm (x3)
Beam Combiner φ25mm
Protective Window φ20mm
Safety Level Class 1
Smart Monitoring
Optics Temperature Alarm
Diagnostic Log
Fire Supression Optional
LED Status Light
Lid Interlock
Side Panel Interlocks
Water Flow Protection
Water Temperature Alarm
Power Requirments
Voltage/Frequency 110v/60Hz
Amperage 15A Dedicated Circuit
Rated Power Draw 500W (max wattage laser tube)
Package Size 39-3/8" x 31-1/2" x 22-7/8" (1000*800*580mm)
Packed Gross Weight (G.W) 291lbs (132kg)
Stand Optional
Smart Rotary Optional
Multi Roller Optional
Rotary Chuck Optional
PiBurn or Rotoboss Optional
Filtered Fume Extractor Optional
Wireless Remote Control Optional
Air Compressor Optional
Knowledge Base
Email Support
Phone / Video Support Unlimited
Onsite Repairs
Parts on Demand
Startup Training
Warranty 2 Year Factory Warranty + Extended Warranty options
Rollar Rotary

Smart Roller Rotary

Expand your capabilities with this versatile roller rotary device. Perfect for engraving bottles, champagne flutes, wine glasses, etc.

65mm 3-jaw Rotary Chuck

Rotary Chuck

The more precise way of handling cylindrical items is with this 3 jaw rotary chuck. Clamp any item up to 2.55” (65mm) in diameter with the Mira 5, and rotate it for 360 degree engraving

Multi-Roller Rotary

Multi-Roller Rotary

Maximize efficiency by batching up to six 32 oz curved or six 20oz tapered tumblers all at once. Fits all Aeon laser models. Exclusive to Aeon Laser USA.

Filtrabox Micro Fume Extractor

Filtrabox Micro Fume Extractor

For light duty. Fume Extractor w/ 1-micro blower and 3 stage HEPA filtration. Extracts, filters and recirculates clean air into the workspace. Designed to fit underneath work tables and desks. 26"(H) x 10"(W), 17"(D)

Filtrabox Compact X Fume Extractor

Filtrabox Compact X Fume Extractor

For heavy duty. Fume Extractor w/ 1-blower and high capacity 3 stage HEPA filtration. Extracts, filters and recirculates clean air into the workspace. 29"(H) x 15"(W) x 21"(D)

Aeon Stand for MIRA S lasers

MIRA S Stand

Not just any old table will do. The R&D team put their signature on this sleek modern looking stand, which storage drawers and wheels for added convenience.

EMP Material Storage Cabinet

EMP Matieral Storage Cabinet

Organize your sheet stock with this stackable storage solution by EMP that also doubles as a stand.

Remote Control

Remote Control

Programming is a breeze with our advanced DSP digital control system or an optional wireless remote that puts all of the controls right in the palm of your hand.

CO2 Laser Protective Goggles - (10.6um) only

CO2 Laser Protective Goggles

Protect your eyes from infrared light radiation that can compromise your vision over time. Glasses are designed for use with CO2 lasers (10.6um) only.

Extended Warranty Tier 1

Extended Warranty - Tier 1

One (1) Additional Year of Warranty Service added to the Manufacturer's Warranty for most Machine Parts; Excludes Mirrors, Lens, and some Laser Tubes. See Standard and Extended Equipment Warranty Periods table for details.

Extended Warranty Tier 2

Extended Warranty - Tier 2

Two (2) Additional Years of Warranty Service added to the Manufacturer's Warranty for most Machine Parts; Excludes Mirrors, Lens, and some Laser Tubes. See Standard and Extended Equipment Warranty Periods table for details.

Aeon REDLINE Signature Series lasers feature USA-made ceramic tube, motors and drivers, as well as a USA-made, machined-aluminum gantry.

All Signature Series machines are proudly assembled in the USA by Aeon Laser USA.

The Signature Series is available for all REDLINE models, except the MIRA5 S.

CO2 lasers are commonly used for various applications like cutting, engraving, and marking. The type of laser tube used in these devices plays a crucial role in their performance, lifespan, and maintenance requirements. Here's a breakdown of the differences between glass tubes, RF metal tubes, and RF ceramic tubes in CO2 lasers:

Glass Tube
  • Material: These are typically made from sealed glass containing a CO2 gas mixture. The electrodes are often copper.
  • Excitation Method: Glass tubes use DC (Direct Current) excitation. The electrical discharge happens directly through the gas mixture to create the laser beam.
  • Cooling: Requires external water cooling systems. Proper cooling is essential to avoid overheating and extend tube life.
  • Cost: Relatively inexpensive and widely used in consumer and hobbyist CO2 lasers.
  • Applications: Suitable for small-scale operations and hobbyist projects.
RF Metal Tube
  • Material: Made from metal, these tubes are designed to withstand higher power and are more robust.
  • Excitation Method: RF (Radio Frequency) excitation, where an external RF generator powers the tube without direct contact with the gas mixture.
  • Cooling: Can often be air-cooled due to the efficient RF excitation, though some high-power tubes require water cooling.
  • Cost: More expensive than glass tubes but offer greater durability and lower maintenance.
  • Applications: Ideal for industrial settings and high-power applications due to their longer lifespan and robustness.
RF Ceramic Tube
  • Material: These tubes combine the robustness of metal with ceramic's thermal properties, offering a balance of durability and heat resistance.
  • Excitation Method: Like RF metal tubes, RF ceramic tubes use RF excitation with no direct electrical contact with the gas.
  • Cooling: Often air-cooled, but some models may require water cooling.
  • Cost: Generally more expensive than glass and similar to RF metal tubes, but they offer superior heat management and longer lifespans.
  • Applications: Used in industrial and high-end commercial applications, where durability and consistent performance are critical.

When comparing RF tubes and glass tubes, it's important to consider a few key factors:

1. The beam profile plays a significant role in cutting quality. You ideally want a larger beam diameter going into the lens to cut well. An RF tube uses a beam expander (typically 2.5x) but beam expanders don't allow for enough size increase to match a glass tube. Glass tubes have an advantage here.

2. RF tubes operate in pulses, similar to a light switch flicking on and off thousands of times a second. A glass tube stays on continuously, providing uninterrupted power. This leads to smoother cutting, as there's no delay or pause between pulses.

For thin materials an RF offers great edges but as it gets thicker the edge quality begins to suffer and is where a glass tube really shines.

All of the Aeon Redline Signature Series models come with Iradion Infinity CERAMICORE® CO2 laser tubes.

On average, Iradion Ceramic Core laser tubes run for more than 4-5 years without issues.

The Iradion Infinity series does not require gas refills, hence the name Infinity.

The CERAMICORE® technology prevents gas degradation by positioning the electrodes outside the cavity, unlike our metal RF tubes, where the electrodes are inside with the gas.

patented CERAMICORE vs typical Metal RF tube
Patented CERAMICORE vs typical Metal RF tube

Aside from gas degradation, only two things kill a laser: power spikes and overheating. These issues can be mitigated by using water cooling for ceramic core laser tubes to prevent overheating and by using a good appliance-grade surge protector to eliminate the power spikes.

By eliminating these factors, the only gas issues you could ever have are leaks. If the tube does leak, the whole cavity must be replaced.

Power losses can also occur as a result of the detuning of the resonant cavity, which only takes a day to realign and ship back to the customer. Only the laser tube itself will need to be sent back to Iradion for tuning.

The warranty on the ceramic core tubes is 27 months. If a laser is returned under warranty, the warranty resets back to 27 months.

Yes, the REDLINE models are compatible with all of the rotary attachments we offer, including: Smart Rotary, Rotary Chuck, Mult-Roller, Rotoboss and PiBurn.

Yes, it will fit. We tested a 40oz Stanley Dupe Tumbler in a MIRA5 S Redline laser using a PiBurn Grip rotary at the correct focal height for a 2.5-inch lens. The tumbler fits comfortably with the blade table still in place, leaving room to spare.

For reference, the Z Axis Travel Height on the MIRA5 S and MIRA7 S is 5-1/5″ (140mm), MIRA9 S is 5-7/8″ (150mm). All NOVA S and Super NOVA S models are 7-7/8″ (200mm).

40oz Stanley Dupe Tumbler in a MIRA5 laser with PiBurn Grip
Front view, 40oz Stanley Dupe Tumbler in a MIRA5 S with PiBurn Grip
40oz Stanley Dupe Tumbler in a MIRA5 laser with PiBurn Grip
Overhead view, 40oz Stanley Dupe Tumbler in a MIRA5 S with PiBurn Grip

The MIRA7 S is the only one that got a larger work area, going from 450mm to 500mm on the Y axis.

Unfortunately, no. The Redline models have been redesigned from the ground up.

REDLINE First Impressions

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Get 1 or 2 Years of Warranty Service added to the Manufacturer's Warranty for most Machine Parts; excludes Mirrors, Lens, and some Laser Tubes.

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