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Test drive the most popular laser brands side-by-side in a relaxed and unbiased setting.

Play with Trotec, Epilog, OMTech, Thunder, Boss and Aeon Lasers. Score them using your own criteria. 100% Hands-on!

Save hours of research. Learn how you can participate when we reopen in 2024 or see some of the results from some of our previous participants.

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participant standing by a laser with multiple lasers in the background

What is the AEON Experience?

Rather than demonstrating these lasers for you, we offer a more hands-on approach in order to provide a more authentic experience.

Each laser has been pre-programmed with specific files to demonstrate scoring, engraving, and cutting on both flat and cylindrical items. With a little guidance, participants will get to launch each job themselves and experience the user interface of each controller in the process.

The participant is then able to score the performance, user experience and results of each laser, along with some additional criteria, that is provided in the form of a scorecard.

Take a Test Drive

Meet our fleet of CO2 Lasers!

The Aeon Experience is made up of the most comparable lasers offered by Trotec, Epilog, OMTech, Thunder, Boss and Aeon Laser USA.

all the lasers side-by-side

We selected our lineup based on the most popular, high power and large format options that we see our customers struggling to decide between. We decided to start with the most sought-after 2’ x 3’ work area and 100W CO2 laser tube configuration.

We ordered new lasers from their respective manufactures and with all available upgrades that are said to improve performance. The optional rotary devices were also purchased to enhance the experience one step further.

Close up of participant looking into the laser from the top, through the glass

Why did we create the AEON Experience?

“Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.” - Albert Einstein

From a technical perspective alone, shopping for a laser is overwhelming enough. Couple that with misinformation on the web, bias reviews, and incentive programs that reward content creators to promote a brand, and it has become nearly impossible to make an educated decision.

Even as we do our best to be as informative with product demos and transparent with our partnership endorsements, there is no match for what a direct, hands-on experience will show you about each machine.

How we’re keeping it real

Scorecard on a tablet


In an effort to remain unbiased, we’ve incorporated a weighted scoring system, so that the experience becomes entirely subjective and free from any outside influence. In other words, final scores will vary depending on the criteria that is valued most by the participant.

Thunder laser with all supplied components

No alterations

To ensure a fair playing field, no alterations have been made to any of the lasers with the exception of compressed air, which is critical to producing optimal cutting results. Aside from that, each laser is installed using only the manufacturer supplied equipment.

a technician testing a NOVA

Optimal performance

Our technicians go to great lengths to ensure that each machine is maintained and performing optimally. Before each experience, mirrors and lenses are cleaned and checked for alignment. Variables like air pressure, water temperature, amperage, and all the way down to the material itself, are kept constant in an effort to eliminate variables that might affect the results.

What participants have to say

Coming Soon 😍

Aeon Laser USA is renovating its 3,000 sq/ft showroom on Harbor City Blvd to become the official home of the AEON Experience.

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