The Aeon Advantage

10 Reasons to Choose Aeon Laser USA

We’re not your typical reseller of goods. At Aeon Laser USA, we go the extra mile with everything that we do – from innovation and quality control to building partnerships and growing a community of driven creatives and entrepreneurs.

Domestic Quality Control

When high voltage is involved, you should never be the Guinea pig. Once a shipment arrives in our Florida warehouse, each laser undergoes a 129 point inspection that can take anywhere between 2-3 days to complete. Our rigorous Quality Control process ensures that your laser is tuned to perfection and conforms to the highest level of safety.

Nonstop Innovation

Aeon Laser USA is involved in an ongoing effort to bridge the communication gap between our factory and our end users. Our domestic R&D team exhibits a deeply rooted passion to not only develop new products, but to also make them adaptable to existing ones. In fact, most of the ideas for our unique innovations come from within our community. We’re always looking for ways to enhance your experience, long after you’ve made your purchase.

Fast and Safe Delivery

Once your precious laser is ready to hit the road, we don’t just hand it over to the freight company with the lowest rate. It’s absolutely crucial that lasers travel by air whenever possible and that tractor trailers are equipped with air ride suspension. Our partnership with UPS’s North American Air Freight network ensures your big investment spends the least amount of time in transit and arrives at its destination safe and sound.

Continuing Education

Learning how to use a laser is a lot like learning how to cook. There’s very little you will accomplish in a 60 minute class. True mastery is an ongoing effort that requires everlasting guidance. It’s important to have a laser guru who can answer questions and offer consolation along the way, especially when you’re just getting started. At Aeon Laser USA, our aim is to empower our end users and continually boost them towards success.

Unlimited Domestic Support

When your laser goes down, you shouldn’t be inconvenienced further, especially if you’ve got orders piling up. You need support, and you need it fast! Aeon Laser USA offers a domestic support team who speaks your language and is available during your business hours. Unlike most companies, we stand by our product and will never ask you to pay a penny to receive the help you deserve.


When you purchase an Aeon Laser, you instantly become part of our extended family. With over 6100+ members, our online community has become a knowledge exchange, where successful business owners and laser enthusiasts can openly share their projects, ideas and experiences. Whether it’s figuring out which markets to pursue or how to handle a late night distress call, you’ll never have to go it alone.

Parts on Demand

Lasers are a lot like a strand of Christmas lights. All it takes is one bulb to go out and you’re in the dark. Keeping your laser lit is our highest priority. When the inevitable time comes to get under the hood of your laser, count on having parts delivered overnight whenever possible. Once received, US techs are standing by to walk you step by step through the repair via phone, Zoom, Skype or Facetime.

Support American Jobs

While a great deal of our components are made overseas, there is a full professional workforce here in the United States that accounts for most of the heavy lifting. When you purchase an Aeon Laser, you’re helping to support American jobs, families and taxes. More employed Americans means that your hard earned dollars are reinvested back into the US economy and the families who keep it afloat.

Emergency Response

Let’s face it, unforeseen events happen to all of us, and always when we least expect it. When your livelihood relies on your laser, you can’t afford to be dead in the water. Sleep better at night knowing that an emergency response team is just a phone call away. Aeon Laser USA can have a qualified technician deployed and at your front door within 48 hours of your distress call. Just light up the Bat-Signal and we’ll come to your rescue.

One of Us!

We’re not just your typical one-time transaction. When you purchase an Aeon Laser, we form a bond and become laser partners for life. Our loyal customers receive 5% off all future laser purchases and up to 10% commission from any referrals that come our way through our partner program. Hive mind is a big part of our culture. Without You, there is no Us. We’re all in this together.