Education Bundle

collage of different laserable materials included in the Material Bundle

Are you an educator or looking to put a laser in your school?

With every purchase of an Aeon MIRA 7 laser or higher, you will receive a FREE Education Bundle with 198 Pieces of engravable items AND a 1 year FREE Aeon VIP Plus Membership.

What is included in each Education Bundle?

This bundle was specially made with schools in mind. It gives you the freedom to create on a wide variety of materials with a laser that you'll never outgrow.

Material/Product Description Item Quantity
Wood Sheets Sheet Size: 450mm x 600mm x 3mm (17.72" x 23.62" x .125")
Finishes: Walnut (6ea), Maple (6ea), Birch (6ea), Oak (6ea)
Acrylic Sheets Sheet Size: 400mm x 600mm x 3mm (15.75" x 23.62" x .125")
Colors: Pastel Yellow (2ea), Pastel Coral (2ea), Pastel Green (2ea), Pastel Blue (2ea), Pastel Pink (2ea), Pastel Purple (2ea), White (2ea), Black (2ea), Clear (2ea), Matte/Frosted White (2ea), Matte/Frosted Black (2ea), Matte/Frosted Clear (2ea)
Steel Tumblers Sizes: Curve 32oz (30ea), Skinny 20oz (30ea)
Colors: White, Navy, Pink, Black, Pale Blue
Slate Coasters Square Coasters (24ea)
Round Coasters (24ea)
Slate Charcuterie Board Slate Charcuterie Board (6ea) 6
Cutting Boards Acacia Cutting Boards (6ea) 6
Acacia/Marble Cutting Boards (6ea) 6
Wood Key Chains Cherry Rectangle Keychains (6ea)
Walnut Rectangle Keychains (6ea)
Leatherette Rectangle Leatherette Patches (12ea) 12
Totals 198 Pieces

Ready to Go Test Files

Your machine will come ready to go with test files for testing each of the different materials on your particular laser. So you can find the best settings for your machine.

What is included in the Aeon VIP Plus Membership?

450+ Free "Ready to Cut" Laser Art Files

Files include Animals, Vehicles, Dinosaurs, Holiday Decor, Bird Houses, Bowls and Baskets, Trains, 3D Puzzles, Mechincal Toys, Home Decor, and more!

Membership to our Metal Cutting Club

Enjoy wholesale pricing on Sheet Metal Cutting, Powder Coating, and more. For AEON Laser USA customers only. Launching Late Fall 2023

Discounts on all of our Materials

Reorder materials with ease. Enjoy our members only discount. Launching Q4.

Are you interested in the Education Bundle?

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