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From leader in the embroidery industry to two Aeon lasers, a thriving online store and sold-out laser retreats!

Interview with Hope Yoder, founder of Designs By Hope Yoder

photo of Hope Yoder, smiling and holding a bright orange and pink watch band, in a white room with softly focused embroidered pieces in the distance
Hope Yoder, founder of Designs By Hope Yoder

Take us back to where this all started! What do you create?

I am a maker, crafter, quilter and the inspiration behind a line of embroidery and quilting products called Embellish®. For years I have been a leader in the embroidery industry hosting events all across America and freelance teaching for sewing manufacturing companies. That led me to the opportunity to work on the launch of the ScanNCut digital cutter which then led me to the world of lasers. And wow, has it been a fun ride. I couldn’t possibly explain how satisfied I am with Aeon lasers. Every day I marvel at the creations we knock out. It is very satisfying. We have a shop where we not only sell our SVG files but offer a wide range of personalized goods and marketing gifts. Our engraved watch bands have been featured in magazines, which is a huge honor.

Tell us about your business and how it has evolved into what it is today.

Being a fabric designer and an embroidery designer allowed for a natural transition to owning a laser.

What inspired you to buy a laser?

The idea of making personalized gifts for my customers and filling a need of quality driven gifts is what made me make the initial purchase. I had no idea how many doors that would open and the boost a laser would add to our revenue. Owning a laser is such a good investment. In fact, we have our second Aeon laser ordered to keep up with our shop production.

How has your business grown or changed since buying a laser?

Our yearly revenue has significantly grown. Not only do we have a thriving online business, but we service many local businesses in our town. Our Laser Retreats sell out so fast, which tells me that lasers are here to stay. And I love my MIRA so much I purchased a second one to keep up with our business demands.

How has your life changed since buying a laser?

Our life has changed for the better since buying a laser. Last year, little did we know that we would transition and immerse ourselves in all things laser, from hosting retreats to adding more products and services. Our lasers allowed us to "pivot" into our next chapter of life and provide financial security.

What advice do you have for people interested in getting a laser?

In the embroidery world people make a big investment in their hobby by purchasing embroidery machines. In fact, they cost more than my lasers. My advice is this: JUST DO IT. YOU DESERVE IT.

Looking back, tell us about your significant turning point, or perhaps even an obstacle you had to overcome to get where you are now.

As I became active in several laser groups I repeatedly turned down offering my SVG files for sale. This year we made the switch to sell our SVG files on our website and that has really opened new doors for us. I love mentoring and sharing my laser processes. We are working on online laser courses for 2022. We are excited to see where the journey leads us in the years to come.

What is your superpower?

My superpower is helping our laser community. I LOVE to teach, mentor and inspire. I genuinely believe that there is enough maker space for everyone, and I love being a part of others' success stories. This is what brings me joy. I know I'm leaving a legacy and making a difference in other people's lives and businesses. That is my superpower.

Where can people find you?

🏚 Sarasota, Florida

🛠 Project

Custom engraved watch bands

Machine: MIRA 5 & MIRA 9
Commissioned by: Aeon Laser USA
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