Aeon Mira 5 front view
Aeon Mira 5 angled view with lid open
Aeon Mira 5 angled view with lid open on stand
Aeon Mira 5 side view
Aeon Mira 5 front view
Aeon Mira 5 angled view with lid open
Aeon Mira 5 angled view with lid open on stand
Aeon Mira 5 side view

Desktop Laser Mira

  • Clean Pack technology
  • High Speed Digital Step Motors
  • Built-in Water Cooling System, Exhaust Fan and Air Assist Pump
  • Standard Honeycomb Table
  • Super fast engraving speeds of up to 1200mm/s
  • Z-depth up to 120mm
  • Starting at $5995
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Clean Pack Design

Typical problems with laser machines are caused by dust, smoke and dirt particles getting into your motion control system, damaging your guide rails and bearings. Our unique linear motion design utilizes the drive belts themselves to enclose the linear rails and bearing blocks so that they are protected from smoke and debris and can continue to operate without frequent maintenance or repairs. AEON Clean Pack technology is designed to protect your mechanic parts, giving you consistently high engraving results, ability to work at high speed, prolonged component life.

All-in-One Design

If space is of concern, you’ll be pleased to know that Aeon is the first in the laser industry to offer an all-In-one solution comprised of an integrated water cooling system, exhaust fan and air assist pump so that no extra space is needed for ancillary components. Simplicity and smart thinking. Only AEON offer this smart concept and design worldwide.


Quickly recall or layout simple designs with the included RDWorks software or upgrade to LightBurn for an enhanced user experience. For those already familiar with graphic design, simply import graphics directly from CorelDraw, AutoCAD and Illustrator via the handy plugins.

Multiple Interfaces

The new MIRA series is build on a high-speed multi-communication system. Easily send jobs from your PC or Mac via USB, Ethernet or WiFi. There is even 256 MB of onboard memory built right into the controller for storing popular jobs, or you can even run programs straight from a USB Flash Drive. Clever offline remembrance technology allows you to continue where you left off if the power goes out, saving you time, material and money.

Clever Table Concept

Depending on your material you will have to use different working heights, especially when using a rotary device. The new MIRA series comes with a standard Honeycomb table, a Z-axis travel of up to 120mm, and an automatic focus function to control table height. With the front panel open, you can work with larger pieces of material giving maximum efficiency for a desktop laser.

Fastest in its Class

When it comes to engraving speed the new MIRA series delivers. Mira uses high speed digital step motors, Taiwanese made linear guides, Japanese bearings resulting in scan speeds of up to 1200 mm/sec and cutting speeds of up to 680 mm/sec with 5G acceleration. Speed and quality without quality compromise. Unheard of in a desktop laser.

Strong and Modern Body

MIRA series was designed by Almira LABS from Istanbul, Turkey. It was built on 10 years design experience, customer feedback and smart thinking. Integrated recessed LED Lights on both sides fully illuminate the cabinet. Being recessed and covered provides ease of keeping your cabinet clean. Optional stand available.

Model Mira 5
Working Area 11 3/4″ x 19 3/4
Machine Size 35 1/2″ x 27 7/8″ x 16 7/8
Machine Weight 265 lbs. (120kg)
Machine Packing Weight 320 lb
Packing Size 39 3/8″ x 31 1/2″ x 22″
Laser Tube CO2 Glass Tube / Optional: RF Metal Tube or Ceramic Tube
Z-Axis Travel 4-¾” (120mm)
Air Assist 18W Built-In Air Pump
Cooling 34W Built-In Water Pump
Blower 45W Built-In Blower
Input Voltage 120V AC Single Phase
Frequency 60 Hz
Rated Power 1200W
Engraving Speed 0-1200mm/second
Cutting Speed 0-680mm/second
Cutting Thickness 0-20mm (depends on different materials)
Max Acceleration Speed 5G
Laser Optical Control 1-100% Set by software
Minimum Engraving Size Minimum Font Size 1.0mm x 1.0mm
Max Scanning Precision 4000DPI
Locating Precision <=0.01mm
Worktable Honeycomb + Blade
Red Dot Positioning Combiner Type
Built-in WIFI Included
Auto Focus Included
Engraving Software RD works/Aeon ProSMART Software
Graphic Format Supported DSP/PLT/BMP/DXF/AI/DWG etc.
Compatible Software CorelDraw/Photoshop/AutoCAD/All kinds of Embroidery Software
Add-Ons Roller Rotary, Rotary Chuck, Stand, Fume Extractor, Remote Control, Camera
Warranty All Aeon lasers are backed by a 2 year factory warranty and our Lifeline Plus care plan, which includes remote startup training and unlimited US based phone support.
Rollar Rotary

Roller Rotary

Expand your capabilities with this versatile roller rotary device. Perfect for engraving bottles, champagne flutes, wine glasses, etc.

80mm Rotary Chuck

Rotary Chuck

The more precise way of handling cylindrical items is with this 3 jaw rotary chuck. Clamp any item up to 3.14” (80mm) in diameter with the Mira 5, and rotate it for 360 degree engraving

Aeon Stand


Not just any old table will do. The R&D team put their signature on this sleek modern looking stand that is also on wheels for added convenience.

Aeon Fume Extractor

Fume Extractor

For setups in public places or in areas with limited access to the outdoors, this 4-stage fume extractor also makes a nice base for your Mira.

Remote Control

Remote Control

Programming is a breeze with our advanced DSP digital control system or an optional wireless remote that puts all of the controls right in the palm of your hand.

Lightburn Camera


Get a bird's eye view of your workspace right on your computer screen for quick and accurate placement of your design, so that you don’t have to measure (LightBurn upgrade required).

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